Identifying and treating specific areas of the brain
using targeted magnetic stimulation has improved
a wide range of neurological conditions such as
Depression, PTSD, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injuries
and many others.

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We have the distinct honor of being the Flagship of MeRT treatment, treating thousands of patients since 2008 at our Newport Beach and San Diego Centers.

Brain Treatment Center Newport Beach is the first clinic in the world to utilize MeRT(sm) Technology. With the experience of treating over 5,000 patients throughout the past decade, we have become leaders in the field of individualized magnetic stimulation.


Patients treated: 1013 Treatments: 21,415


Patients: 466
Treatments: 13,364


Patients: 366
Treatments: 11,038


Patients: 412
Treatments: 10,037


Patients: 517
Treatments: 13,790


Patients: 519
Treatments: 3420

Sleep disorder

Patients: 339
Treatments: 8460

Total number of patients: 5500
Total number of treatments: 130,000

What Makes MeRT Unique

Magnetic Resonance Therapy, MeRT, utilizes TMS Technology, however it is highly customized for each individual based on sophisticated diagnostics. No two brains are the same, so no two treatments should be the same.

Conditions We Treat

Our Doctor

Dr. Julie Kim

Dr. Julie Kim,

Dr. Julie Kim is a board-certified internist with over 20 years of medical experience. She has been serving as the Medical Director and owner of the Brain Treatment Center since 2013. Dr. Kim is also a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

Since 2013, Dr. Kim has dedicatedly worked with the treatment of patients with Autism, Depression, PTSD, TBI, and other neurological conditions using MeRT. She also runs the physician training programs for the dissemination of MeRT technology.

First and foremost, Dr. Kim prides herself in delivering compassionate care and advocating passionately for her patients.

We are Proud to Service our Uniformed Service Members and Their Families

Brain Treatment Center of Newport Beach offers MeRT – a highly customized used of FDA-Approved TMS Therapy — to treat Service Members, Retirees, and their Families, who suffer from Depression.
We are now In-Network and contracted with TRICARE Insurance to provide the highest quality mental health treatment services available.